Spruce Up Your Salad

Spruce Up Your Salad - Fresh Express

As you’re putting together your holiday party menu, you may be inclined to leave off a salad course thinking it’s too plain, too boring, or too wholesome. Well, think again. As I’ve mentioned before, there are many ways to make vegetables more flavorful and exciting and the same is true for salads. Here are some salad combinations you may not have thought of but are in season and fancy enough to serve at the holiday table.

  • Baby spinach, orange sections, and roasted fennel
  • Tarragon, grapes, and goat cheese
  • Herb salad, fresh figs, and pine nuts
  • Mixed greens, candied pecans, and blue cheese
  • Butter lettuce, roasted butternut squash, and crisp apples
  • Tender Ruby Reds salad, dried cranberries, and Parmesan
  • Sweet Tender greens, ruby red grapefruit sections, and red onion
  • Baby Arugula, pears, and walnuts
  • Fancy Greens, roasted cauliflower, and pomegranate seeds
  • Baby Spinach, beets, and goat cheese
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts, toasted hazelnuts, and feta

By Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN for Fresh Express