Holiday Party Appetizer Swaps

Holiday Party Appetizer Swaps by Fresh Express

You have your tips for being healthier through the holidays and we’ve even given you the cheat sheet to host your own healthier holiday party, but now we need to get down and dirty and answer the all-important question of what to serve. Many traditional dishes served at parties are fatty finger foods that won’t match your eating goals, but there are plenty of ways to make flavorful and delicious appetizers that are better for you and your guests. Try some of these swaps for the holidays this year.

  • Swap lightened up spinach dip for traditional artichoke dip. Substituting reduced fat cheeses for sour cream and mayonnaise will cut some of the fat and calories. Plus you’ll get a nutrient boost from baby spinach.
  • Swap chicken sate with peanut sauce for Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce
  • Swap stuffed mushroom caps for stuffed potato skins
  • Swap turkey crostini with cranberry drizzle for foie grois crostini
  • Swap shrimp cocktail for mini crab cakes
  • Swap a wine or sparkling wine-based cocktail for eggnog
  • Swap cheese plate for mozzarella sticks

Stay tuned for salad recipes that are fancy enough to serve at a holiday party!

By Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN for Fresh Express

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