Meet Salad Swap Specialist, Chef Britney Ruby Miller

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Salad Swap Specialist, Chef Britney Ruby Miller

From a very young age, Britney Ruby Miller was taught an appreciation for high quality foods. As the eldest child of Cincinnati’s most successful restaurateur, Jeff Ruby, most of Britney’s childhood was spent growing up in high-end steakhouses. At the age of only 15 she started out as a hostess, however her true passion was cooking, so over the next several years, Britney vigorously trained at every position in the BOH. During this time Britney also earned a Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies degree from The University of Cincinnati. After college, she attended The Midwest Culinary Institute. ¬†Britney has most recently focused most of her efforts on comprehensive corporate endeavors with Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment where she serves as Director of Operations. Here, she utilizes all of her natural talents from experience, including leadership, food & beverage, marketing and branding.

In her spare time, she enjoys finding new and effective ways to share her passion for excellent cuisine with the world. A devout believer in using superior quality, organic foods, Britney created to be an open venue where she can share her intense passion for fabulous fare with home cooks, chefs, foodies, and basically just anyone who loves to cook or eat (i.e. everyone!)

Britney is also a brand ambassador for Fresh Express Salads where she creates dozens of healthy, yet flavorful, easy-to-make gourmet salads/recipes. Through venues like Fresh Express and, she shares her philosophies, recipes, new ideas and tips.

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